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电话: +852 2394 1852
公司地址: 香港九龙湾临乐街19号南丰商业中心1503-05室


852-2394 1852


  • All production lines will be made of individual smart cell
  • Each cell is equipped with barcode scanner and smart display terminal.
  • The smart display terminal will show the video of each individual job p/n. It will also instruct the worker to do all the necessary testing and input the testing result. This can ensure the worker will not miss some working instructions and also ensure the data input is correct.
  • Each production cell allow the worker to scan in all the batch numbers of the production materials they are using to assemble the product.
  • This can allow us to trace the products produced when one part of the material is later found to have potential problem and needs to be called back. 
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