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电话: +852 2394 1852
公司地址: 香港九龙湾临乐街19号南丰商业中心1503-05室


852-2394 1852


  • QS-158B: Self ordering kiosk. Windows-based. POS Software needs to be from your partner.
  • QS-158B can be equipped with credit card terminal, NFC reader (for Apple Pay), with scanner for WeChat payment.
  • Orders will be printed out by the built-in printer.
  • Orders must be written to the KVS dispatcher (based on our KVS data format).
  • Our KVS dispatcher will send the orders to our KVS terminals.
  • When the order is finished and bumped out, the order number will be sent to our calling system box.
  • The calling system box will then output the order number to the LCD screen.
  • When the customer comes to pick the order, the waiter can delete the number from the screen by entering the number on the keypad (S20A).
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