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电话: +852 2394 1852
公司地址: 香港九龙湾临乐街19号南丰商业中心1503-05室


852-2394 1852


  • In a big restaurant, it may divide all the tables to different group (e.g. A, B, C, D), depending on the table size.
  • The customer can choose the table size he wants to take and press the queue button from our QS tower (QS-158B)
  • Our QS tower will then print out the ticket number for the customer.
  • Our QS control box will show up the number (for each table size) which is ready to be served onto the big screen.
  • When the operator finds a table is ready, she can just press the queue button of that table belongs to. The queue number will be incremented and show up onto the screen.
  • Customer can know if the screen is calling for their ticket number.
  • Once he/she receives a call from his/her colleague about which size of table being vacant (via walkie-talkie or other devices).
  • He/she will input the next table number to the queuing screen by press the keypad. e.g. If the next vacant table size is 3 – 4 seats and next sequence number is B056, then he/she just need to press the key “B” one time,  the next B queue ready number will be incremented by 1, i.e. changed from B055 to B056. The queuing system display will show the number B056, and a call “Ticket B056” will also be announced to alert the customer who got the ticket with B056.  If the “B” key is pressed by two times, then the next B queue ready number will be incremented by 2 (i.e. changed from B055 to B057), and so on.
  • If he/she has to amend any queuing number by type in the full queuing number via the keypad directly. e.g. If he/she misses to handle that that number before, he/she can key in the full ticket number, say “B045”, while the display screen is showing B055.
  • If he/she wants to cancel the queuing number, he/she can cancel it by pressing cancel function key.
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