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电话: +852 2394 1852
公司地址: 香港九龙湾临乐街19号南丰商业中心1503-05室


852-2394 1852


  • After the customer has paid for the order at the cashier, the cashier will give a TPS reader to the customer.
  • Each TPS reader has a number assigned to it and the POS system should allow the cashier to enter the TPS reader number so that the order number and the TPS reader number will be connected.
  • The customer will then find a table to sit down and then put the TPS reader on top of the TPS tag (which is stick on the table).
  • The TPS reader will then read the table ID of the table from the TPS tag. Now, the order number is connected to the table ID.
  • All the order numbers will be showed up on the floor plan of the TPS screen clearly.
  • When the whole order is finished, the waiter just needs to look up the order number from the TPS screen and then he will know where the customer is sitting.
  • If the customer is using our KVS, the order number will be shown on the TPS screen automatically when the order is bumped out (finished)
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