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Heng Yu is a Hong Kong based company, with a strong R&D center in our Hong Kong headquarter and powered by our own modern production campus in Zhuhai (Guangdong, China). The two offices are linked up together by the world’s largest and amazing bridge over the sea.

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Phone: +852 2394 1852
Address: Room 1503-05, NanFung Commercial Center, 19 Lam Lok Street, Kowloon Bay, HK

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852-2394 1852


K104I-S Series is the latest generation of our security keyboards with several optional security modules for users to choose. They are all based on world-renowned technologies:

  • Smart Card reader: Gemalto chipet
  • Magstripe reader: Magtek Decoder chipset
  • Fingerprint sensor: Next Biometric sensor, using the latest Active Thermal sensing technology


Application area

  • Logical access control
  • Secure logon
  • Physical access control
  • Home banking
  • Ecommerce
  • Healthcare

Keyboard Model Naming


Suffix Code:

N = Plain keyboard

S = with built-in Smart Card Reader

M = with built-in Magstripe Reader

F = with built-in Fingerprint sensor

Hardware Specification

Keyboard Features:

  • Low profile industrial membrane key, 10M key strokes with excellent tactile feeling
  • All in one USB interface for the Keyboard and Fingerprint reader
  • The USB cable complies with USB2.0, with aluminium net shielding
  • Keyboard is strengthened by an internal metal frame

Smart Card Reader Features:

  • Access to all ISO 7816 ad EMV microprocessor cards (T=0, T=1) through PC/SC drivers
  • Communication speed with the smart card; up to 826kbds (when support by the SC)
  • Synchronous cards through a comprehensive API
  • 5V/55mA, 3V/50mA, 1.8V/20mA smart card power supply
  • Full ISO7816 and EMV2000 compliances
  • Short removal detection when powered on
  • ESD protection on card IOs: 8KV contact
  • Windows Driver Supported:
    • Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008,
    • Vista Microsoft CCID class driver compliant
    • Windows 7, Windows8 and 8.1
    • Windows CE
    • Bridges on top of PC/SC for 32 and 64 bit editions;
    • CT/API based on MCT/BCS specs
    • Synchronous API
  • Linux Driver Supported
    • PC/SC Driver
    • Compliant with number of Linux Distributions
    • CCID Class driver compliant (free software)

MagStripe Reader Features:

  • Comply with ISO 7811, IBM standards, AAMVA, JIS-2
  • Support multi-country code settings
  • Support programmable MSR setting for the header, tailor, separator, suffix and prefix, track sequence
  • Track 1: 210BPI with max 76 characters
  • Track 2: 210BPI with max 107 characters or 75BPI with max 37 characters
  • Track 3: 210BPI with max 107 characters
  • Card swipe speed: 10 to 100 cm/s
  • 500,000 swipe cycles
  • Can support internal data encryption (Optional, only for K104LP)

Fingerprint Reader Features:

  • Sensor technology  from NEXT (patented)
  • Active Sensing Area of 11.9mm x 16.9mm
  • Pixels of 180 x 256
  • Resolution of 385 ppi (pixel size 66 μm * 66 μm)
  • Gray Scale Levels  of 256
  • Image Scan Time  of 0.53s
  • ESD Protection at ±8 kV contact discharge and ±15 kV air discharge according to IEC 61000-4-2
  • Mechanical Durability of 2 million touches @ 2.45N
  • Scratch Resistance by durable lifetime coating

Other Features:

  • Operating Conditions : -10 °C to +60 °C at 95% RH (non condensing)
  • Storage Conditions: -20 °C to +70 °C at 95% RH (non condensing)
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