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Heng Yu is a Hong Kong based company, with a strong R&D center in our Hong Kong headquarter and powered by our own modern production campus in Zhuhai (Guangdong, China). The two offices are linked up together by the world’s largest and amazing bridge over the sea.

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Address: Room 1503-05, NanFung Commercial Center, 19 Lam Lok Street, Kowloon Bay, HK

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The CK78A is our new generation of hygiene keyboard series, which is specifically designed for the use in hospitals and healthcare applications. It has a compact layout. The silicon membrane protects the key field against ingress of dirt and fluids. The CK78A impresses with its low force key actuation and precise key guidance. It is highly recommended for heavy duty type writing in hygiene-critical environments, particularly for office and administration applications. Additional benefits are: 

  • Thorough surface disinfection by spray/wipe sanitizing on flat keyboard skin without edges and seams. 
  • Clean Function allows for disabling the keyboard during cleaning (“Fn”+”Clean”). 
  • Suitable for most common hospital disinfecting solutions
  • Replaceable keyboard skin for clinic disinfection by steam pressure processing
  • Touch proof disinfection of the surface of the keyboard body by spray/wipe sanitization
  • Surface disinfection instead of invasive submersion cleaning:
    • Avoids outer and inner re-contamination by polluted suds
    • No risk of germ transmission by fluids leaking or dripping off the product
    • No contact with hollow spaces


Important Features

  • Disinfectable Hygiene PC-Keyboard with Clean Function Hot Key
  • Compact layout. Multi-country layouts are avaiable
  • Slimmer key profile further ease the cleaning of the silicon membrane surface
  • Support optional Backlit version
  • USB interface or Wireless interface are available
  • Both USB and Wireless versions support USB firmware upgrade
  • USB cable has two options: Built-in cable for IP68 or Detachable USB type C connector
  • Wireless version is using the lithium battery which is chargeable by the USB port
  • Support White or Black color

Technical Data


[USB version]

  • Voltage: 5V USB
  • Power Consumption: less than 100mA

[Wireless version]

  • Power Supply: Lithium battery   1000mAh

– RF

  • Working current: 7mA 
  • Sleeping current: 250uA

– Bluetooth

  • Working current: 8mA 
  • Sleeping current: 250uA


[Keyboard Section]

  • Number of Keys: 78
  • Key structure: Scissor key with 2.5mm travel distance rubber dome
  • Key strokes life: 10 million


  • Storage temperature: -10°C to +55°C
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Operating humidity: 10 to 90%
  • Dimensions:  282 x 136.5 x 15.2mm
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