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Heng Yu is a Hong Kong based company, with a strong R&D center in our Hong Kong headquarter and powered by our own modern production campus in Zhuhai (Guangdong, China). The two offices are linked up together by the world’s largest and amazing bridge over the sea.

Get In Touch

Phone: +852 2394 1852
Address: Room 1503-05, NanFung Commercial Center, 19 Lam Lok Street, Kowloon Bay, HK

Our Location

852-2394 1852

CBL68 Submarine


Product Lineup

  • Compact 62% key layout
  • ABS/PBT keycaps
  • Mono color Backlit/non Backlit
  • Optional 2.4GHz/BT5.0 module available
  • Optional NKRO 2.4GHz RF dongle available

RF mode

Optional 2.4GHz/BT module as plug in.

  • While using RF module, USB outlet will be blocked
  • Keyboard is now powered by the two AAA batteries (non rechargeable).
  • Use Fn+Enter to pair the dongle to the RF module, by default the provided dongle is being paired to the keyboard
  • Bicolor indicator LED: Pairing – Blue color, Low battery – Red color
  • Except the above two indication, all the backlit LEDs cannot be turned ON during the RF mode to save power.
  • Default dongle RF 2.4GHz only support 6KRO, NKRO can be support with special RF dongle; NKRO is not supported in BT mode.
  • While user detached the RF module from the keyboard and connect the keyboard with USB cable to the PC, all Wireless function will be turned off, keyboard will automatically switched back into USB mode.

USB mode

  • Support NKRO
  • Support professional mono color backlit mode (if User DIY to add LEDs)
  • 7 brightness level (if User DIY to add LEDs)
  • Support Deck Macro Tool


Definition of the knobs:

–       Left knob: Backlit control (Backlit version only), counter clockwise = increase Brightness; clockwise = decrease Brightness.

–       Right knob: media Volume control, counter clockwise = increase volume; clockwise = decrease volume.

Typematic mode, T-Mode

User can change the typematic rate settings of the keyboard anytime by:

  • Typematic delay: Fn+Left knob, turn counter clockwise to increase the amount of delay, turn clockwise to decrease.
  • Typematic speed: Fn+ Right knob, turn counter clockwise to increase speed, turn clockwise to decrease.


Usage: When User needed to invoke the typematic setting, simply just press Fn+Del ”T-mode”, Keyboard will then automatically apply the typematic settings; press Fn+Del anytime again to cancel and switch back to normal mode.


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