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Key Features
  • Fulkeyboard layouts, with programmable keys (optional)
  • Use Cherry MX mechanicakey switches, good tactile feeling, around 50M key strokes lifecycle
  • Use PBT sublimated keycaps, legend durability is comparable to the readouble shot legend. The surface texture is also not easily worn off.
  • Damaged keys can be easily replaced and hence save the replacement cost
  • With internastrong metaplate to enhance the protection against ESD is increased
  • Different relegendable keycaps (1-fold, 2 fold) are available
  • Available in USB, PS/2 Interface

Programmable Features (Optional)
  • Alkeys can be programmed with at most 256 characters
  • Aldata can be retained for no less than 100 years without additionabattery
  • Does not require a TSR program and hence avoids application software crashes
  • Provides multi-leveprogramming
  • Provides for a variable time delay of up to 255 seconds in each programmed string
  • Provides true keyboard wedge function that operates with or without the normacomputer keyboard connected
  • Provide a true Caps/Scroll/Numeric Lock function independent of any other keyboards being connected
  • Support PS/2 programming in DOS, Windows9X, Me,2K, XP
  • Support firmware upgrade (PS/2 only).

MagStripe Reader Features
  • Comply with ISO 7812, IBM standards, AAMVA, JIS-2
  • Support multi-country code settings
  • Support programmable MSR setting for the header,tailor, separator, suffix and prefix, track sequence
  • Track 1: 210BPI with max 76 characters
  • Track 2: 210BPI with max 107 characters or 75BPI with max 37 characters
  • Track 3: 210BPI with max 107 characters
  • Card swipe speed: 10 to 100 cm/s
  • 500,000 swipe cycles
  • Speed:3-125 ips at 75 BPI; 3-50 ips at 210 BPI


Power supply
  • PS/2: +5V/DC ±10%
  • USB: +5V/DC ±5%
Current input
  • PS/2: <100mA
  • USB: <100mA

  • Totatravel: 4 – 0.4mm
  • Pre-travel: 2 ± 0.6mm
  • Peak load before make: 60 ± 20cN

  • Storage temperature: -40°C to +60°C
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
  • Operating humidity: 20% to 90%

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