Quality Assurance

  • Heng Yu focuses on continuous process improvement to deliver highest achievable quality in a most cost-effective way. ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-14000 certified manufacturing facility ensures our strong quality  assurance system is properly maintained. Quality initiatives are keys to our success and are integral parts of our every phase of process starting from design and development until shipment and after-sales services. 

  • All Heng Yu products will have 100% in-line routine functional testing and visual inspection. Heng Yu will also perform out of box audit on every shipment. All products under Display Devices and Terminals category have to further pass a burn-in test inside our temperature chamber of 45 Degree Celsius. 

  • Heng Yu also has many in-house test and compliance equipment to maintain and assure our highest possible quality of our products. These testing equipment include life cycle test machines, abrasion test machine, electrostatic discharge gun, cable twist testing machine, temperature and humidity chamber, and burn-in chamber. 

  • Heng Yu can devise a customized quality inspection and testing plan for our customer based on the functionalities and complexity of the products. Heng Yu can also help customers to apply for all necessary testing approvals for the products at our local authorized testing laboratories.