Our Factory & Facilities

Our Factory View

Panoramic view of factory



Meeting Room

Factory Entrance

Factory Extension Building

Factory Main Building

Factory Main Building

    • Self owned , with total area of 180,000 square feet (40% is green area) 
    • Production area of 80,000 square feet 
    • Whole factory building is central air-conditioned

    Our Hong Kong Headquarter

    • Located in Hong Kong's new CBD (Central Business District – Kowloon East) 
    • Self owned office, with office area of 6,000 square feet 

    Our Assembly Workshop

    Auto Keyboard Testing Machine

    SPC-All-in-One Testing Terminal

    Smart Production Line 2

    Smart Terminal Display

    SPC-Smart Production Terminal

    Smart Keypad

    Digital Kanban

    Mini Painting Chamber

    Painting Oven Tunnel

    Smart Production Line 1

    • With 4 assembly workshops , and totally 8 assembly lines and 2 wave soldering lines. 
    • All our assembly lines are RoHS ready since 2006

    SMT Workshop

    SMT-Full Workshop

    SMT-BGA Rework Station

    SMT-High Power Electronic Microscope

    SMT-AOI Machine

    • With 6 SMT machines, 4 soldering paste printing machines, 2 heat reflow ovens 
    • Support up to 0202 and BGA package chip 
    • With BGA rework machine. 
    • Equipped with 3D digital electronic microscope (up to 200x)

    Our Printing Workshop

    Laser Etched

    PBT Sublimation

    Silk Screen Printing

    • With 6 automated silk-screen printing machine and 4 UV ovens 
    • Have manual silk-screen printing fixtures for printing logos on irregular housing enclosure 
    • With 4 automated laser-cut machines 
    • With 1 painting workshop for painting the housings

    Our Inspection and Testing Equipment

    Cable Pulling and Bending Tester

    ESD Testing Machine

    Key Force-Travel Measurement Machine

    Salt Fog Testing Chamber

    KeyStroke Life Tester

    Alcohol Rubber Friction Testing Machine

    Computer Measurement Machine

    Electronic Microscope

    Keycap Pulling Force Tester

    Legend Abrasion Tester

    Micro-computer Compress Strength Tester

    Projecting Measuring Instrument

    Push-Pull Tester

    Temperature Shock Chamber

    • 3D Electronic Microscope 
    • 2D Projecting instrument 
    • Cable twisting tester 
    • Temperature and Moisture control Chamber 
    • Key stroke life tester 
    • Key legend printing abrasion tester 
    • Smart Card Connector Insertion life tester 
    • Magstripe reader head swiping life tester